Syrian Maritime Authority

Directorates services

  • marine inspection department
    This department is responsible for Syrian flag vessels' registration holding their records, registration certificates, deletion certificates and issuing relative necessary technical and secondary certificates in accordance with the relating international conventions and national rules andregulationsin sucha way as to preserve life and properties at sea and keep a clean marine environment.
  • ports' affairs department
    Supervises the works of the managements of the following ports : Tartous, Banias, jableh, fishing and cruise ports in Latakia, Banias, red mill in Tartous and Albassit port.
  • technical affairs' department
    This department is in charge of the projects of the marine and engineering buildings and equipments belonging to the general directorate of ports, their building up and maintenance
  • legal, financial and administrative
    Carrying out all administrative works relating to the directorate's personnel in accordance with the workers' basic law ( attendance control, periodic promotions, fixing the personnel ….etc).
  • fisheries and licenses' department
    It is responsible for the properties of the marine public sector which are connected with the properties of the public sector ( withdrawing sea sand, gravels, constructing buildings and establishments ).

About Us

It supervises the management of the main following ports: Latakia, Tartous, Banias, Jableh and Arwad along with the fishing and cruise ports in Latakia and Banias, where it applies the marine legislations inside these ports

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Recognized maritime training institutes

  • General Organization for Maritime Training and Rehabilitation GEMTQ
  • Mansour Traning Center
  • Training Center 1
  • Training Center 2

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