Procedure Of Issuing The Seaman Book, and The Sea service Certificate

Terms and conditions for issuing a seaman book:

a.     Completed sixteen years of age.

b.    Should have a valid passport .

c.     Not convicted with a crime .

d.    Should be submitted to medical examination for verify his fitness to work on board ships .

Procedure of issuing the seaman book :

The applicant must submit a written request to the directorate enclosed with the following  documents :

a.     A copy of his valid passport with  a copy of his ID.CARD .

b.    Five colored personal photos with white background .

c.     A non-convicted certificate .

d.    A medical certificate issued by the medical committee approved by the directorate .

e.     Guardians/parents approval for those under 18 years of age .

f.      A receipt confirming payment of seaman book fee .


It is allowed to request a seaman book or any Syrian citizen currently residing outside the Syrian Arab Republic by submitting a written request by his guardian/parents or a second-class relative , provided the medical certificate should have been issued by a medical committee in that country and should submit a copy of his passport duly certified by the Syrian Diplomatic representative .


Sea Service Certificate

The Procedures of Issuing the Sea Service:

The applicant, or his legal representative , submits a written request to the directorate enclosed with the following documents :

a.     The seaman book and the passport .

b.    Any official certificate confirming that he has worked on board ships .

The sea service is calculated depending on :

-        The sea service recorded down on the pages of embarking and disembarking in the seafarer record book duly certified with the ship’s seal and the master signature / concerned authorities .

-        The endorsements of the port authorities where the ship is berthing showing the seafarer movement regarding his embarkation and disembarkation and which correspond with those recorded down in the seafarer seaman book .

If there is any contradiction in the information supplied , the seafarer is then asked to submit any documents that confirm the correctness of the information recorded in the seaman book especially .

-        The endorsements of the ports’ authorities where he embarked/disembarked the ship .

-        The contracts of employment by which the service is endorsed with the ship’s seal and the declaration of the concerned maritime authority in the country of embarkation .

-        Crew list duly certified  by the embarkation port authorities which conforms the statement of the passport and immigration department .

-        Receipts of getting the salaries showing ship’s name ,seafarer name , maturity date of the receipt conforming the service date stated in the seaman book .

-        A certificate showing the seafarer joining the ship duly sealed with the authorities of the port of embarkation .

The sea service will not be accepted , if there is any changing or

Alternation or using any correcting means to change  the service

Unless it is sealed with the ship’s seal and the master’s signature,  or the port of embarkation or disembarkation .