Procedures of Transferring the Title of a Boat


1- An application for the sale of a Boat, according to a ready format, with 10 S.P. Stamp thereon .

2-The value of the Boat offered for sale is to be assessed, and the duties chargeable thereon are to be collected after release, where 8 per thousand out of the assessed boat value is to be collected .

3- A sale report is to be prepared according to the ready format, with the certification of the  following credentials :

      1- Traffic Book (322) S.P. + 10 S.P. Stamp .

      2- Title Deed (13) S.P. + 10 S.P. Stamp .

      3- Pay value of Transferring according to low 27/2008. Price 500 for each meter .


Procedures related to the Export and Import of Small Ships

A – Export Procedures for a Boat (recently built – registered ) :

A-1- Export Procedures for a Registered Boat :

A-1-1- Application by the Concerned Party, with a 10 S.P Stamp on, for approval to the Export, showing the name, number and the specifications of the Boat, and its Export  Destination .

A-1-2- General Directorate of Ports gives export approval by addressing a letter to the competent Customs Directorate, provided the Boat to be acquitted .

A-1-3- Combined Survey on the Boat is to be effected by (The Customs - The Port) to give its description and to assess its value .

A-1-4- The concerned person submits an application, with a 10 S.P. Stamp on, to number the Boat’s record and to give approval to its sail accompanied by the Customs Declaration and the Documents issued by the General Directorate of Ports .

A-1-5- The General Directorate of Ports issues a Certificate of the Boat’s Deletion from its Records, and the concerned parson undertakes in writing to bring the Customs Certificate after Acquittal of the Customs Declaration, for a period of one month  from its date . A 50 S.P. Stamp is to be stuck on the undertaking letter .

A-2- In case the Boat recently built :

The same above procedures for a Registered Boat are to be applied ; but without issuing a Deletion Certificate, and to be satisfied with a Customs Certificate for the Boat’s Export to cancel the Building License .

B- Procedures for a Boat Import :

B-1- In case the Boat is a Trawler, previously registered :

B-1-1-  Application by the Concerned Party, with a 10 S.P. Stamp on, for approval to the import of the Boat (after obtaining the Ministry of Agriculture Approval), accompanied  by :

- Certificate of Origin duly certified, with a 100 S.P. Stamp thereon .

- Sale Invoice and Sale Contract duly certified .

- The Boat’s specifications .

Accordingly, a letter is to be addressed to the competent Directorate of Economy for approval to the Import and issuance of the required Import Licence duly by the mentioned Directorate .

B-1-2- Application by the Concerned Party, with a 10 S.P. Stamp on, for hoisting a flag temporally for one voyage by the Boat to the closest Syrian Port where to be registered duly .

B-1-3- An Application by the Concerned Party for a combined technical survey (Ports – Agriculture) .

B-1-4- After the combined technical survey, the Concerned Party is to submit an application, with a 10 S.P. Stamp on, for the registration of the Boat, accompanied by the above mentioned documents in addition to :

- A certified Customs Declaration .

- A certified Customs Certificate .

- Certificate of Deletion from the Registration Port .

for the registration duly at the General Directorate of Ports and the issuance of the  required credentials which are :


The same previous procedures should be adhered to when importing a  registered  boat, the owner is not requested to present a deletion certificate.

N.B.  it is requested to register the boat within fifteen days from the date of being put under local use.

B-2 In case of importing marine engines( jet ski )  or boats shipped as parcels :

B-2-1 A letter of order presented by the owner with a 10 pounds stamp on regarding  importing the boat  stating the origin ,  the specifications and the date of manufacture of these boats to be imported.

 B-2-2 Upon receiving the order , we send to the department of economics to get import license from the concerned department.

 B-2- 3 Upon arrival of the boats to the country  a joint venture survey committee is held ( port and customs authorities ) .
B-2-4 After carrying out inspection, the owner is to present a request to register  the boats, the request should be enclosed with the following  documents :

A deletion certificate ( in  case the boats were registered before ).

A duly certified customs' declaration.

Import license.

A certified customs' certificate.

A certified certificate of origin.

Duly certified sale contract and an invoice.

The boats are  duly registered, and the following needed certificates are issued:

- Pay value according to low 27/2008.

N.B. These boats are to be registered within fifteen days from the date of putting into local use.