Planning and statistics department


1.preparing annual and fifth-basis normal investment plans and manpower plans and following up their implementations.

2.Preparing and completing foreign currency plans in the light of final credits.

3.evaluating the annual and fifth-basis normal and investment plans in the light of the actual execution of these works.

4.following up the execution of the normal and investment local and foreign  contracts.

5.Preparing all information and data requested by the general directorate of ports and other authorities concerned.

6.Following up the execution of the investment plans and manpower on monthly, quarterly and annually basis, and preparing necessary reports about them circulated in accordance with the concerned managements and specialties.

7.Preparing and following up training and rehabilitation plans for the personnel of the general directorate of ports, and arranging for the attendance of all training courses.

8.Preparing and organising all statistics relating to the general directorate of ports and  preparing all publications for the vessels' and tankers' movement that call Syrian ports, reviewing and  analysing statistical data, studying total changings and pointers of the current investment plans and other marine works.

9.Studying all  international marine conventions in cooperation with  other managements, preparing proposal projects  to join these conventions, if they are suitable , and following the execution of the bilateral international marine conventions signed between Syria and Arab states on one hand or between Syria and foreign countries on the other.

10.Giving out our opinion concerning cooperation between the general directorate of ports and the marine committees and authorities, preparing  partnership studies in the conferences, seminars and workshops in the Arab states and foreign countries, addressing and negotiating with the international organizations in cooperation with the ministry of transport.

11.Translating all correspondences to/from the general directorate of ports into the Arabic language and vice versa.

12.Following up coordination and cooperation between the general directorate of ports and branch managements to execute works and missions assigned.

13.Receiving all incoming correspondances in the English language and translating them into Arabic to be presented to the general director to be sent to the concerned party.

14.Translating all correspondances from Arabic into English besides translations booklets of terms and conditions for foreign tenders announced by the general directorate of ports.

15.Organising seminars and studying courses concerning the  marine sector.