Sea Fishing


A. Llicences issued for boats allowing then for fishing inside the territorial  waters amounting to 850 boats only.

B. Licences issued for boats technically equipped to fish outside the territorial waters . Terms and conditions should be met with especially that there should be a refrigerator on board to refrigerate the fishes, and there should be boxes to capacitate the fishes, also big nets and a lift for these nets. the number of these boats are about 25 only.

Documents required for such licences :

Written letter of request- annual sailing licence –  fees in accordance with the tonnage of each boat – a Financial stamp of Syrian pounds 200.00 .                  

C. Iissuing on-foot-fishing licences  using a fishing rod, a fishing rifle, or a throwing net. this licence is annually issued, and it expires at the end of every year, it is renewable.

The person interested in getting a fishing licence using above mentioned fishing methods is given a licence without having a fishing boat. this person is entitled to  fish in the public areas alongside the syrian coast exept protected and military areas and the  port itself. the fisherman , in this case,is not allowed to sell what he has caught.

Documents needed to get this licence :

A written letter of request, two coloured passport-size photos and a financial stamp of syrian pounds 200.00.

 Attention : 

All   citizens   wishing to ask about any matter concerning marine public properties, can address the registrar of the directorate , the matter will be settled within three to six working days at the maximum and many problems and questionaires are settled on spot.

Fishing section treats all problems of fishermen, receives complaints , follow them up and every now and then checks fishing equipments in each port to be sure of their readiness and safety, checks  cages and nets' openings  according to the instructions and orders of the ministerial and high committee of hydro life . this committee is headed by the  minister of agriculture and agricultural reform directly.the duty of this committee is to issue resolutions they find  suitable  to protect sea fish wealth which is considered  a national  wealth . Tthey protect it from being badly treated  through issuing suitable resolutions.the government , nowadays, encourages people  through establsihing coastal farms for breading fish, and establsihing marine protected areas to preserve fish wealth  especially those rare species.