Ports' affairs department


- Supervises the works of the managements of the following ports :

Tartous, Banias, jableh, fishing and cruise ports in Latakia, Banias, red mill in Tartous and Albassit port.

- It circulates arrests and release sentences on boats and merchant ships of all kinds and following up boycott rules and regulations on ships included in the boycott list.

- It also holds records of blacklisted and under supervision vessels  for the purpose of applying boycott procedure.

- It carries out full marine survey on the coasts of the Syrian Arab Republic, and regional waters,the economical area, and preparing studies on sea depth; its nature and publishing marine charts and navigational warnings regarding sailing areas.

- We also take care of operating lighthouses spread along the Syrian coast and securing their readiness.

- We release  grounded vessels within the Syrian ports and in the berthing areas and regional Syrian waters, and take the initiative to rescue vessels facing the  risks of grounding, drowning, hit by fire risks and giving hand to save life at sea.

- We also investigate on marine pollution whether of land or sea origin, studying the international conventions and protocols concerned in  protecting marine environment, and extract whatever might be useful to be applied on the national scale and putting training courses programs. 

- We also coordinate our  efforts with the concerned national and international authorities to enhance cooperation and  expertise exchange.