Certificate Of Boat's  Skipper


1. The applicant should have completed his eighteenth years of age and successfully passed the prescribed examination.

2. A written letter of request with a ten- Syrian pounds stamp on.

3. A civil status record.

4. A non-convicted certificate.

5. Three colored passport-size photos (3x4 cm) .

6. A certified copy of the sea service for the period of two years by virtue of a marine ticket or a seaman’sbook.

7. Stamps and fees of Syrian pounds 151.00 .




Vessel’s safe Manning Certificates


The owner of the vessel  presents a letter of request  to issue his vessel the minimum manning certificate in accordance with his vessels' tonnage, capacity and area of working.



First, Second And Third Class Pilot Certificate

Certificates, Terms And Conditions RequireD:

1. A civil status record.

2. A non-convicted certificate.

3. A medical certificate.

4. A letter of request with the financial stamp on.

5. A receipt of the  set fees, only for those approved.

6. A green file with metallic rim.

7. A certified copy of the certificate of competency held by the applicant.

8. A certificate showing that the applicant has completed a training course as a pilot for the period of three months accompanied by a first class pilot in the required piloting area.

9. Presenting a certificate of English course showing the good level obtained in reading and writing for those applying for first , 2nd and 3rd  pilot examination.