Coast guards' department


- We help in keeping sailing in order within the Syrian regional waters, preventing illegal acts  such as illegal immigration, smuggling … etc. In cooperation with the concerned authorities in the Syrian  arab republic.

- We prevent wrong fishing, arresting irregularities acts and transferring them to the concerned  parties  to take necessary measures against them .

Giving a hand to the vessels and other floating objects affected or susceptible to any risks, sharing in rescue actions at the time of marine disasters , searching for lost persons in the sea, informing concerned authorities about the presence of any wreckage or environmental pollution, if any,  once they are detected on the coasts or within the regional waters  to carry out necessary procedures.

- Supervising marine public properties and preventing illegal acts against them, reporting irregularities, guarding all constructions and buildings belonging to the General Directorate of ports , controling the arrested, confiscated or  abandoned ships or boats.